America, You Nutty

Tonight, Reuters reported first, that (Republican) Senators blocked an independent and bipartisan commission investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, and second, that the United States are sanctioning Belarus over the fraudulent grounding of a dissident-carrying plane back in Minsk earlier this month. It’s like, America…where do you get off? If you can, […]

Photo: Amazon Studios.

P!NK Doc

For now, I try. Fucking P!NK knows. She knew back then in 2000, when she first burst onto the scene. We are billions of beautiful hearts, indeed. And we can also be so missundaztood. Twice now I’ve been thisclose to seeing her live. I sooo shoulda gone to see her play at Club Revolution in […]


Boy, do we need to talk more about spirituality. The subject feels so daunting sometimes, though. So esoteric. Even now, still, after our most pandemical year that will not quit, you’d think we’d all be like, floating on air and shit, our auras vibing with one another in harmony, soundtracked by singing birds. But no. […]