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Opening date for No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s Cary Joji Fukunaga-helmed swan song as James Bond, may be April 10, people, but today…tonight…right now you can listen to the latest entry in the Bond-theme song canon, an eponymously titled track by the Grammy darling of 2020, Billie Eilish, that serves the 007 mood of […]


I hate blackouts. Also, I told you so. When I was a kid growing up in Lima, Peru, there was a couple of guerrillas that wreaked havoc on the country, el MRTA and Sendero Luminoso. Of the latter, the Shining Path, you might know that in 1992, they left two trucks loaded with explosives – […]


Sheriff is this older gentleman that we’ve witnessed live a quiet, mostly solitary life at Elm and Van Ness, near the San Francisco Cooking School, for five years now. Next to the old McDonald’s – that’s been his spot this past half decade, and who really knows how long he actually has been out there, […]