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What…a find. There may be more than one private posh residence (PPR) on South Beach, but not every PPR has some fresh, graffiti art on one of its walls. This untitled piece finished last spring by visual artist Eddy Remember can be found at what I am dubbing Casa Fischer, the home of Charlie Fischer, […]

Postcard from PAMM

“It’s everyone’s museum.” So said Darlene Pérez, one half of the Miami power couple behind the leading Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), earlier today, when I ran into my fellow Florida International University Panther in the vestibule of the downtown museum. I had spent a bit o’ the morning checking out the comprehensive documentary exhibition of “Surrounded Islands,” […]

The Collective 1

All year long I’d been looking to find The Day After Tomorrow on TV, to watch it for free, because I first saw the 2004 disaster blockbuster at the multiplex like a normal person. I was surprised to find that, in spite of its climatic timeliness, the Jakey-bear vehicle doesn’t show as much as you’d think it […]