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The Melting Pot

What the fucking fuck happened, anyway? We were supposed to be in the kitchens, exchanging recipes…in the schools, sharing stories and perspectives…in parks, inviting one another to play fun new games. Instead, we have spent the better part of the last decade on social media, stirring the pot. Stirring shit. Think about that for a […]

Know Your References, Twitter

I think it is hilarious that this tweet I sent on Aug. 7 (a retweet-response to a “fuck you” Rosie O’Donnell had sent to NBC’s Willie Geist, whom someone else was calling out for clutching his pearls after Texan Congressman Joaquin Castro reminded everyone, in perfectly constitutional and constitutionally protected fashion, that, yeah, you know that […]

Open Your Eyes

On the subject of gun control in America or the egregious, criminal, and deadly lack of it, everybody knows the damn truth. Nothing’s gonna change, nothing is going to improve, no life will be spared while Mitch McConnell, the longtime senator from Kentucky, is still in power. That motherfucker is the longest-serving Republican U.S. Senate leader […]