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Coupon Ladies

Together Again Alert! Good Place co-stars Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are reuniting (once again – for real…#WYKYK) for Queenpins, a true-story-inspired caper-com that follows the actresses’ Connie and JoJo, a bored homemaker and a frustrated vlogger, respectively, down a path of crime and toward a $40 million counterfeit-coupon empire. Scam! I mean scam. Cut […]

Hot 🥵 Summer

If you are a global-warming denier or know someone who hasn’t been believin’ in climate change (and somehow getting in the way of any sort of sensical large-scale worldwide preparation), please, fuck off and remember and/or know that last year, in 2020, Death Valley National Park didn’t register a 130-degree temperature until the middle of […]