Playlist Basel 2.018

M Is for, @themartinharo/Instagram

And I’m back.

Back in Miami, after five seasons away, for what is now called #MiamiArtWeek, because hashtags. Also because I am determined to pull a Cookie Lyon and get back what’s mine. My name went from being on the guest list to being on a name tag, and that is A-OK; honest work that gives you insurance is the shit, (American) kids – but the former’s funner.

Brought out my favorite custom Levi’s jacket to keep me warm (who turned down the temp?). Some cool music, too. It’s gonna be fun.

This is the first big event I’m covering for King of Cups, so expect beautiful art, introductions to a few talented architects and artists, some cool vistas, a little food porn, but no thirsty posing. That’s just basic.

Alrighty then.




Are you listening?


  1. Blame
  2. Pray to God
  3. Forever
  4. Night So Long
  5. Heart Don’t Stand a Chance
  6. Paspatou
  7. The Less I Know the Better
  8. Let It Happen
  9. New Person, Same Old Mistakes
  10. The Distance
  11. Flawless Remix
  13. LOST
  14. Revolver (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  15. Drunk in Love Remix
  16. Know No Better
  17. Turn Up the Radio (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  18. Missing U
  19. Beach2k20
  20. Dancing on My Own
  21. Do It Again
  22. In My Eyes
  23. Desperado
  24. Higher
  25. Honey
  26. It’s Like That
  27. Say Somethin’
  28. Love Is Free
  29. Ritmo de la Noche
  30. Boys (Summertime Love)
  31. Esa Morena
  32. Lick It (20 Fingers Club Mix)
  33. Short Dick Man
  34. Love Spent (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  35. Vogue
  36. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  37. Don’t Blame Me
  38. I Did Something Bad
  39. End Game
  40. Delicate
  41. Get Up, Stand Up
  42. Human
  43. A No no
  44. Caution
  45. Call It What You Want
  46. Smile Like You Mean It
  47. When You Were Young
  48. Borrowed Time
  49. Life in Technicolor
  50. Miami
  51. Holiday
  52. Everybody
  53. I’m a Sinner (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  54. Like a Prayer (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  55. Celebration (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)

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