Eddy ReMeMBeR's Untitled/Casa Fischer, Martin Haro

What…a find.

There may be more than one private posh residence (PPR) on South Beach, but not every PPR has some fresh, graffiti art on one of its walls.

This untitled piece finished last spring by visual artist Eddy ReMeMBeR can be found at what I am dubbing Casa Fischer, the home of Charlie Fischer, a friend with a growing, exciting collection that not only includes this one-of-a-kind original but also a piece of historical, classic-South Beach Deco architecture that his homeowners association knows how to honor with periodical repairs and renovations.

Love, love, love knowing that a part of Miami Beach, that some of the city’s more recognizable traits, always will be preserved, and that there are young, energetic leaders willing to make the effort to do that work.

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