The Medellín Playlist

Madonna is back.

That’s all.

I mean, what more could you want? The Queen is Pop is back with the first single off her upcoming 14th album, a Portugal-inspired record titled Madame X dropping on June 14. The song, titled “Medellín,” was produced by frequent M collaborator, the French artist Mirwais, and features the hot Latino heartthrob du jour, the Colombian star Maluma.

Seriously, what more could you want. Other than to listen.

So listen. Listen, and enjoy.

  1. Welcome (Homecoming Live)
  2. Crazy in Love (Homecoming Live)
  3. 🎧➡️ Medellín
  4. Clout
  5. Madonna
  6. Me Enamoré
  7. MIA
  8. Mi Gente
  9. Chantaje
  10. In My Feelings
  11. Thunderclouds
  12. Be Careful (Cuidado con Mi Corazón)
  13. Felices los 4
  14. Graffiti Heart
  15. Countdown (Homecoming Live)
  16. Shining (Homecoming Live)

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