The Sanity Playlist

Sanity, Martin Haro

Think about it. Dance it out.

2 step it. Listen to it (listen to it…at a local museum), then change the world, already.

We so can do it.

  1. 🎧➡️ Change the World
  2. Slow Burn
  3. Therapy
  4. I Found Someone
  5. I Rise
  6. Married in a Gold Rush
  7. We Are Golden
  8. All Around the World
  9. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
  10. Cherish
  11. The Wire
  12. Moses (Live in Sydney)
  13. Nobody Knows Me (MDNA World Tour/Live 2012)
  14. Shining
  15. Pretty Mess (Tracy Young Club)

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