The Thing About Charles Dance

The Emmy Award-nominated actor (HBO’s Game of Thrones) made me think, when I saw his big “Coup” episode of The Crown on the Netflix, that, as an immigrant, his Lord Moundbatten was thankful for his adoptive homeland’s reception, and for all that he’d been able to squeeze out of it, but that now, he was much too old to make it right. He’d lived too rich, waged too much war, and now, it was much too late to make up for it.

I don’t wanna be that kind of immigrant.

That’s why I am now pushing for art on the troubled alley next door. It’s giving-back time.

If I cannot feed the hungry daily, and give shelter to those out in the elements daily (in this day and age, for shame, with all that we know we can provide but don’t, does the why-are-they-even- there even matter anymore?), then a little art is in order.

Seeing it. Sharing it.

Better than doing nothing.

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