The Thing About L.A.

The thing about L.A. is the first time I visited, everyone was mesmerized, stupefied by Heidi Montag’s recent body renovation. I can still see the blond bad girl from The Hills on the cover of that mid-January 2010 People, showcasing the Housewivestastic results of “10 PROCEDURES IN 1 DAY” as the magazine teased, looking 23, yet severely going on 53….

It was like, why? Why do you do this to yourself, L.A.?

Everyone was always telling me I should move to L.A. back then. Never did. Been the three times total (so far). The first time to visit with family and check it out, hike Runyon, and hang out with friends . The second one for Adele. The third for Madonna.

Why else go to L.A., at this point, if not to see the stars.

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