The First Criterion Collective

Time. We used to bitch and moan about not having enough of it. Now some of us are complainin’ that we have too much of it on our hands.

Humanity is never happy.

Good thing we have this thing called The Criterion Channel, f.n.a. FilmStruck, to keep us busy and stimulated and enchanted by the best of the best of film on Earth. An independent streaming service (well, as independent as you can get in Hollywood when you have a Who’s Who in your corner – fans of the erstwhile FilmStruck include Barbra, Leo, Alfonso Cuarón, Barry Jenkins, PTA, Spielberg, and Scorsese), the site features an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary films from Hollywood and beyond, many not available anywhere else.

Plus, featurettes and short-film collections and myriad appreciations….

Yeah, this streamer is a good way to get through this moment that we are living. Check it.

Fail Safe (1964) > Tanner ’88 > Black Lizard (1968) > Smithereens > The Daytrippers

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