The Re-Invented Artiste

Photo: Netflix.
Radha Blank will break through this fall, in Netflix’s The Forty-Year-Old Version

Coming soon, to Netflix….

I’m pretty sure this was always gonna be the case, though, so, yeah…coming soon, to Netflix, indeed – and in lush black and white 35mm, no less – is Radha Blank’s hot Sundance 2020 title, The Forty-Year-Old Version.

Starring, written, and directed by virtual newcomer Blank (a producer of Netflix’s TV-series adaptation of She’s Gotta Have It), who, btw, was awarded the Directing Prize at the Park City, Utah, film fest for her effort, and produced by Emmy winner Lena Waithe, this is the story of a failed playwright, who turns to rapping in a desperate attempt to break through, at last, and find some kind of success before she turns 40. A deadline is a deadline, OK – such is the life.

Of course, as Radha leans more and more into her new RadhaMUSPrime persona, she’s caught between her old mistress (the theater) and the excitement (and validation, I should imagine) she discovers in the world of hip-hop, as she endeavors to find her true voice and, y’ know, make it happen.

Like we all are.

The Forty-Year-Old Version is set to premiere on Oct. 9. Do not miss it.

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