It’s the Little Bit of Magic in It…

Photo: Netflix.
Director Ryan Murphy (front, center) the star-studded cast of Netflix’s The Prom Photo: Netflix x Melinda Sue Gordon

I guess.

Oh, proms. What is a prom, anyway? What is a prom in this culture or that culture or in that one. I know that for me, looking back on it, the concept was muddled; no one meaningfully explained it or gave a proper raison d’être for the event. I feel like the French at my Franco-Peruvian school were beyond-laissez-faire with that type o’ thing, and I was left to use whatever I saw on TV as a reference, because I don’t recall proms being a thing for my sisters.

So to me the prom was a sort of WB magical night of esoteric substance, a treat for an academic milestone, for sure, but it didn’t feel like something that was inclusive or, y’ know, effusively welcoming (of me) or necessary (for me). Looking back on it now. Same with quinces and Sweet Sixteens.

Like, why did I even want to go to the prom, anyway.

Anyway, The Prom I will check out.

Because Ryan Murphy’s directed the adaptation of the Tony-nominated musical sensation that lit up Broadway not that long ago, for Netflix, and I recently read that he felt as though the project were delivering a retroactive wish fulfillment (he also didn’t have a fun time at his), so, yeah, I’m in – why not.

And because of the cast, dahling. The cast, dahling! The cast that features Meryl Streep and Tony winner James Corden as New York City stage stars looking for cultural redemption, and Nicole Kidman and Andrew Rennells (Netflix’s The Boys In the Band) as the other two actors thirsting for a comeback, too, that Streep and Corden recruit to travel to Small Town, Ind., to help high school senior Emma Nolan (newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman) achieve her dream of attending the prom with her gf, Alyssa (Ariana DeBose) – an all-too-progressive move for the head of the PTA (Kerry Washington).

Hilarity and epiphanies follow as the self-absorbed celebs see their activism unexpectedly backfires on ’em and their lives, as they rally to give Emma and Alyssa a night they can truly own and celebrate as exactly who they are.

I can already feel the glitter.

Get your corsages ready, people: The Prom is set for Dec. 11.

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