And Just Like That, Indeed

No wonder I had, legit, been cravin’ a cosmo….

When I got to this land, in the year 2000, Sex and the City was the toast of the town that HBO helped to go premium, even though Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) had just gone bad by cheating on Aidan with Mr. Big.

Season 4 was ways yet to be. Season 3, marathon-reran on New Year’s Eve going into 2001, a handy recap for a fresh arrival like moi. Remember DVDs? I bought the first couple of seasons and asiduously watched them, with and without commentary, one episode at a time…from my towering CPU and out a chunky, grey HP computer mo-ni-tor.

New York and the United States of America, and the culture, and I, none of us, real or fictional, had a clue what was to come.

Watching the Season 6 fan-fave “Woman’s Right to Shoes” episode now, and grindhousing it with the baby shower ep of Season 1, I cannot help but be reminded of one the crucial reasons I fell in love with this show: (gay) writer Michael Patrick King, tthe show’s chief creative steward. What a voice…what…an inspiration.

And just like that, indeed, cut to today’s announcement that Carrie & Co. are on their way back to HBO (Max), for a limited-series engagement titled And Just Like That… expected later this year, on which our favorite gals and sweet lady New York will explore life and friendship at a fun new stage of their story. Minus Samantha. Kim Cattrall is done with the franchise, which empirically has become a bit extra with the backstage drama.

Oh, but how the promise of the zsa zsa zsu sizzles everlasting.

Obviously, Samantha gets cancelled, on account of her low-key support of Donald Trump (a name she dropped more than once during the show’s Emmy-winning run)….

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