One More Cut

Udo Kier is coming. And he means to leave a mark.

Indeed, the iconoclastic German actor – who has appeared in everything from Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein to Suspiria to Madonna’s SEX book to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Armageddon – is set to take a moment in the spotlight this summer, when he stars in Swan Song, a comical and bittersweet journey about rediscovering one’s sparkle (and looking gorgeous while doing so, honey).

The latest from Todd (Edge of Seventeen) Stephens features Kier as Pat Pitsenbarger, a retired hairdresser, who escapes the confines of his small-town nursing home as soon as he learns that his fabulous former client’s (Linda Evans) dying wish was for him to style her final hairdo. This is it for Pat – this is the moment he’d been waiting for after the party ended. This is his one more final chance to get something out of life, and there’s a provision in the will for services rendered? Motherfuckers, Pat’s out, on his way to collect his beauty supplies…and confront the ghosts of his own past. Co-starring Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Urie.

Inspired by a real-life Pat, who’d shop at Kroger’s dressed as Carol Burnett (in 1967!), from Stephens’ own growinguptimes in Sandusky, Ohio, Swan Song, the writer-director says, “is a love letter to the rapidly disappearing ‘gay culture’ of America.

“As it has become more acceptable to be queer, what used to be a thriving community is rapidly melting back into society. Swan Song is dedicated to all the forgotten flaming florists and hairdressers who built the gay community and blazed the trail for the rights many of us cling to today.

“But, above all, for me this film is about learning that it’s never too late to live again.”

Will def check it out, then. How Kier I not!

Swan Song is due out in theaters on Aug. 6 and will be available On Demand on Aug. 13.

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