Long Live the Queen of Hearts

Photo: NEON.
Will Diana lead K. Stew to Oscar? Courtesy of NEON

Princess Diana is having a moment in 2021. Yes, 24 years after she died, Lady Di is still It, It, It.

We have, of course, her sons, William and Harry, through whom the world’s royal fascination endures. Now there also is the new Broadway-boung Diana: The Musical, about the erstwhile Princess of Wales’s dazzling and devastating life, premiering on Netflix on Oct. 1 in advance of opening night on the Great White Way come Nov. 17. And then, there is Spencer, a new biopic by Chilean director Pablo Larraín (Jackie).

K. Stew as Diana, in a movie titled after her nom de famille, now that’s something that promises.

Stewart, international iconoclast that she is, is quite an expressive actress. It will be engrossing to see what she does with Diana, a person who was known to be rather shy, across a storytelling plot set during a weekend’s time, what with the film unfolding across Christmas at the Queen of England’s Sandringham House. The princess’ marriage to Prince Charles is on the rocks, and though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, “warm” familial peace is to be maintained. There’s eating and drinking, shooting and hunting – the works. Diana knows the game, but this year, things will be profoundly different. She has a choice to make.

“We didn’t aim to make a docudrama, Larraín says in the film’s press notes. “We wanted to create something by taking elements of the real, and then using imagination, to tell the life of a woman with the tools of cinema.”

Well, consider our tickets bought.

Spencer will arrive in theaters on Nov. 5. Ecco il trailer.

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