Free Your Mind

The rest will follow. So I went out last night. Well, first, I met legendary San Francisco drag queen Heklina during the day and then, later, I went out. For real. But not really. Last summer we went on holiday, to Canada, and for my yesterday, my mind, well…it can take me anywhere in the […]

Three Little Words

“Hello,” “Please,” and “Thanks.” People of the world, these are the three little words ya gotta remember when you go to a grocery store, always and forever, but especially during this pandemic. Look, I know what I’m talking about when I gripe about the casual cultural classism and racism that surprisingly permeates San Francisco, or the […]

San Francisco, 3.21.20

A day later, California Gov. Gavin Newsom echoed the shelter-in-place ordinance that Madam Mayor London Breed announced in San Francisco last Monday, but for the entire Golden State and its 40 million residents. Food providers (farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and the restaurants that can manage it) may stay open. Ditto gas stations, pharmacies, and food […]