#DoMore, Dems

I get to make the suggestion. I purchased T-shirts to show my support, when I made my donations to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign and that of Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro this spring. The 2020 election is on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Of 2020. That is next year. A year […]

Dear Governors

Dear Governors, Has this so-called president ever called you to check in, on a random any day, on the welfare of your state? To inquire about what might be needed or to offer assistance to your most vulnerable? To offer protection or, better yet, resources to protect us and ensure our Great Experiment works? Asking […]

Support the Girls

Spoiler Alert! Guys, we gotta do better by women. I find it curious that I’ve had more chats about the Game of Thrones finale during these last less than 24 hours from the time the show came and went than I did conversations during the last few days about the whole anti-abortion, anti-women disgrace currently […]


Now, I don’t usually participate in National Whatever Day because, unless it’s something that was a calendar thing the day after I was born or an actual official or commonly known religious holiday, I don’t much care. But I very much care about what’s going on in the United States of America because this country […]