Challenges Ahead

I don’t think anyone has ever been better prepared than us at this moment in time to confront the ongoing COVID-19 and racism pandemics and vibe to the global shift of energy and consciousness each has pushed and thrusted upon the planet. We are going to have to lean into our resilience and our resolve, […]


We need to have a conversation about privacy and decorum, don’t we, 12 years after Mark Zuckerberg roped us and the culture into his soul-sucking Facebook (which does not know its references, either). I mean, what the fuck are we doing? Remember that white lady, you know the one…the one, who recently weaponized her privilege […]


Discrimination of any form is nothing but an excuse not to do a job well. “We the People…” all have the same Bill of Rights. Why haven’t we all been seeking to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility? Why haven’t we be able to provide for the common defense, promote […]