San Francisco, 12.27.21

Everyone, “meet” the Cuevas family from La Paz in Los Cabos, Mexico. I met them at a Walgreens near Union Square, when I went to get my booster shot at my appointed time. They’re in town to vaccinate 11-year-old Junior with his first shot.

The father is a cardiologist. Great at hearts, but English is not his forte. Once I got my shot, I spent my 15-minute wait-here-see-how-you-feel period helping them to navigate the local vaccination-guidance website, fully knowing I was their guide for the afternoon.

Next thing you know we’re at the Chinese Hospital in Chinatown, and I’m with the kid and his dad in line to translate (a lot less worries now, all the father wanted to know was whether he could take a video to show Junior’s big sister, who was waiting elsewhere with their mom).

And next thing after that, I’m showing them the Fortune Cookie shop and sitting as their guest at this new (to us) Chinatown restaurant from where I picked up when my partner got his booster – just remembered that 😊

What a fortune to have had this afternoon. Of all the pharmacies in all of the world, we all walked into the same one with our different needs at just the right time, and made new friends.

And so 2022 opens.

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