“U.S.A.” “U.S.A.” U…S…Oy. We are 40 days and 40 nights out from Election Day on Nov. 3, and the one and only (thank goodness) Donald “the Impeached” Trump is still unabashedly signaling and unequivocally on the record saying he does not anticipate a peaceful transfer of power, when he loses the election (again), because basically, […]


Bay Area! This Labor Day weekend, don’t go all tits out, OK. Chill. Let Wayne Thiebaud’s “Girl with Pink Hat” have all the end-of-summer fun, so that you – so that we all – may be able to visit with her at the SFMOMA, when the museum is finally allowed to reopen. COVID-19’s still very much […]

A 2020 Without Basel

Aw, Miami. Now you know it’s really, really serious. (I’m kidding. You’ve known it’s serious. Right? Get it and keep it together, already – you know what to do.) Basel has been cancelled! Indeed, for the first time since its post-9/11, tourism-revitalizing and scene-revolutionizing  inception in 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach is a no-go this […]

The Receipts

America got called out tonight, in the best way possible – and, don’t you know, don’t you know, by America herself. Night 2 of 2020’s most unconventional Democratic National Convention featured an inspired virtual roll call that was so brilliantly executed in these times of COVID-19 TV. People, real everyday Americans, from every state and […]


Lest you forgot, it has been 157 day since 26-year-old E.M.T. Breonna Taylor was shot and killed, in her own home, during some sort of an overreach-y raid out in Louisville, Ky., earlier this year… right before COVID-19 hit. Don’t act like you forgot, especially because no arrests have been made. Where is the justice? […]

Twin Peaks, 6.25.20

El triángulo color rosado fue la insignia designada a los homosexuales en los campos de concentración (cada “tipo” de prisionero fue asignado un color, para degradarlos, deshumanizarlos, y estigmatizarlos). Los triángulos rosados fueron diseñados más grandes que otros, para que resalten más los usuarios, para vulnerabilizarlos y alienarlos aún más. Hoy en día, el triángulo […]