The Lambda You Wait…

The longer we wait to #VaccinateOurWorld, the longer the global COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic will keep going (and going, and going), infecting and killing who knows how many more of us, and mutating into something more and more unmanageable. Oh, you think your life has been disrupted by having to wear a mask or by having the privilege to be able to access a good vaccine…and decline it? Wait ’til you have to run for your life.

The delta variant of this coronavirus – as well as, I should imagine, its delta plus variant, because these days it’s all about that +, honey – might soon give way to the fresher, #DTFW🌎 lambda strain coming out of South America. I understand the shit’s been cookin’ in Peru.

Look, at this point it’s all fairly easy-peasy simple: We wanna get a hold of this thing? Then, the more of all of us get vaccinated, the better. We are at an impasse now because of the anti-vaxxers, a.k.a. people with way too much free time on their hands, of willfully ignorant mind. And that is enough of that.

We are at inflection points as a culture because Earth is adjusting, growing, dying. Fighting the infection that we have become. Literally screaming at us (well…you know what I mean). Nevertheless preparing us for the future, albeit in her own way.

Time we listen and make this world, our only world, a better place, OK. Let’s def not make that silly quarantine movie Songbird come true, OK.

Everybody, let’s do our part, and let’s insist whomever’s holding onto the patents of the proven, successful vaccines some of us have been lucky enough to access (or – 🤦🏽‍♂️ – decline), steps up and releases the patents, already.

Let’s go! The world is waiting.

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