A Closer Kilmer Look

Is it sacrilege to know Val Kilmer really only from his turn as the second Batman, from the first run of Cape Crusader movies we got back in the ’90s? It is, isn’t it.

I never watched Top Gun.

Obviously, I understand the actor from other stuff; he has done quite a varied bit, after all. I remember him giving good face up on the poster of The Doors. I know he played The Saint (and that few of us cared or got it). And that he did that all-that-and-a-bag-o’-nuts Dr. Moreau movie with Marlon Brando. From True Romance to Pollock to The Salton Sea, Kilmer’s career has been one character study after another, and it had Heat. But movie star that Kilmer has been, I don’t know her.

Enter VAL to educate me and the masses. Directed by Leo Scott & Ting Poo and narrated by Kilmer’s actor-son, Jack, VAL be premiering first in theaters, on July 23, and then on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 6.

At long last, let this documentary re-assert and re-affirm the actor’s voice in the distasteful, years-long speculative conversation centered around his health. And let it be. Let people be.

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