The Receipts

America got called out tonight, in the best way possible – and, don’t you know, don’t you know, by America herself. Night 2 of 2020’s most unconventional Democratic National Convention featured an inspired virtual roll call that was so brilliantly executed in these times of COVID-19 TV. People, real everyday Americans, from every state and […]


Lest you forgot, it has been 157 day since 26-year-old E.M.T. Breonna Taylor was shot and killed, in her own home, during some sort of an overreach-y raid out in Louisville, Ky., earlier this year… right before COVID-19 hit. Don’t act like you forgot, especially because no arrests have been made. Where is the justice? […]

Twin Peaks, 6.25.20

El triángulo color rosado fue la insignia designada a los homosexuales en los campos de concentración (cada “tipo” de prisionero fue asignado un color, para degradarlos, deshumanizarlos, y estigmatizarlos). Los triángulos rosados fueron diseñados más grandes que otros, para que resalten más los usuarios, para vulnerabilizarlos y alienarlos aún más. Hoy en día, el triángulo […]

Lady Loop

The multi-hyphenate dynamo that is Janelle Monáe was set to headline Antebellum, her first starring vehicle, in the spring – but then came COVID-19. Wah, wah. Monáe was to be seen on the big screen as Veronica Henley, a successful author, who finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality – one that is mortifying, discombobulating, […]


It has been 150 days (a little more than that for some of us) of self-isolation, of quarantining, of living in a state of emergency – whatever you wanna call it – and of systemic and willfully ignorant failures by governments (and overprivileged peoples), but also of of self-realizations and revolution. Thanks, COVID-19! As of […]