A Comment Re: London Breed & Gavin Newsom

Get a life, people.

It clearly, demonstrably, undeniably is one thing to harp on Donald – yuck…too early – Trump, and it is quite a ridikolous other to sue the governor as a pressure tactic to get restaurants to reopen, when schools ought to be the priority.

Newsom, much like San Francisco Mayor London Breed and, by that token, San Francisco and California, has taken a measured, conservative approach to the safe, science-based reopen of our communities, which the global COVID-19 pandemic temporarily closed almost a year ago. Pardonnez them, how dare them not have behaved like pompous assholes! Where is my roll of paper towels.

Remember what Doctor Strange said about the millions of possibilities the Avengers had to prevail over their opponent: All it will take is the one.

Apply that now to all the ways these leaders could have acted but, for A or B, didn’t. All they could do is what they did, and guess what, motherfuckers: We made it through a year of wilderness, respectfully and adequately informed (with millions of us well supported, too, by our own communities – which…why are we not tooting our own horns?), and while too many died (and injustice’s still the soup of the day), truth is here we are.

I’m grateful these two San Franciscans have led us well. Not perfectly. Well. With, whaddya know, empathy and compassion. They obviously are doing their best.

End o’ the day, we could all #DoMore and do better.

Shout-out to everyone out there doing their part! ✊🏽🙏🏽✌🏽

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