The Time to Modulate Is Right Now

Photo: Territory Studio.
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Inform yourself, calibrate yourself. Modulate.

Cut back on your meat consumption, because it works. Like, it won’t save the planet – Earth doesn’t need our “saving,” for its plan we cannot even fathom – but cutting back on meat is one of the healthiest choices we can make at this point in the game, for our individual health and to curb our collective effect on global warming and climate change.

Cut back on meat. Eat more vegetables. Rejoin the chain by preparing your own meals with your own two hands more. Sírvete con tus manos y serás bien servido, as my grandma would say. Let nature happen and let it happen to you as well. (You’ll love it.)

At home we have gradually adjusted our carnivorous ways out of supermarkets in favor of our local farmers markets AMAP, so now steaks are treat$ that support what I presume to be smaller-scale, smarter, more humane seasonal farming practices. And that’s how I’ve managed to reduce my carbon footprint and to repay a Pachamama that has given me so, so much.

I also sort out our waste, often with awe. All those small plastics bloody well accumulate! It’s nutty. We are nuts to have produced so much single-function plastic shit.

How embarrassing.

Yeah, when I “forget” my reusables, I get new bags (if absolutely necessary), and I reuse those, too. I’m constantly switching off lights, and these oh-so-fiery days I do the wash either early in the morning or in the evening (doing it for the grid, yo). I make the effort, you know, because I understand that if more of us – if all of us – did our part, we could turn this world around, OK.

This ain’t no sanctimony. We are burning up here in California. The Dixie Fire, the Caldor Fire, the Glen Fire are consuming entire towns up in the North Bay. It is a dire, dire situation for so many already – so can we, please, get our heads out of our asses and start prepping for what is coming? Fuck, acknowledging the shit would be a good place to start. Voting against the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom is essential, for we can have a practical conversation about the effects of climate change and global warming with that guy, California.

Sir David Attenborough explains it best in his latest Netflix documentary/love letter to Earth/no-holds-barred warning to humanity, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. He does. Check it out. It’s a quick and informative must.

And modulate. The time really is right now. We’ve been too…much. And now it is going to get only that much more complicated.

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