Good thing the novel coronavirus vaccine has made its way stateside.

Today, nine-ish months after humanity and the world went into lockdown on account of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and as the United States of America’s death toll passed 301,000, Sandra Lindsay, a critical care nurse in Queens, N.Y., became the first American to be vaccinated against the public-health bane of a generation. Lindsay was all about that hope, when she said she hoped to inspire people who look like her – Lindsay is Black –to do away with skepticism and take this and other vaccines (because it is safe).

And just like that, Lindsay, an immigrant from Jamaica, did more for the country re: COVID-19 than the orange hemorrhoid in the White House.

Oh, and on that note, the Electoral College went and made it officia todayl, at friggin’ last: President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris like, legit won Election 2020, Donald “the Impeached” Trump lost, and Biden and Harris will be taking their oaths of office on Jan. 20. (All eyes on you now, Georgia! Early voting for the Crucial Runoff of 2021 has begun.)

Here’s to turning the page on 2020 (and so much more), alright.

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