And Not a Moment Too Soon

Rain, at last. Let it come. San Francisco, 11.8.20


Thanks for the wash, Gaia.

See? You can always count on la Pachamama to come through. To check us. To cleanse us. Now we have a better chance to return the favor and nurture our cute little Earth back to health, and ourselves, too, with better habits and without, well…you know.

Not everyone is coming to the future. Put your lighters up for all the people who are still out there and wave it in front of every conflict still hurting our planet and our human brethren.

Wear a mask, stay safe. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over.

We carry on, yes, with good humor and with good will. We do our part.

Not everyone is coming to the future, but you know what, Donald Trump: You can bring your impeached ass along for the culture ride – just not as president (go figure out what a library is and start sorting out how to sell your presidential one to your followers, why don’tcha).

And, America: Best to keep him, his, and his hardliners (and Omarosa, too) away from any further government employment, OK. Let them simma in impending unemployment with little to no prospects, and do feel free to remind everyone else of who they are. (I said drive, bitch.)

Shout-out to President-Elect Joe Biden and congrats (I told y’all he’d be fine). And give it up for California senator-cum-Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. Chip away, ma’am.

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