America, you we need to calm down and get a hold of this COVID-19 pandemic, already. This isn’t the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, and we all know it.

Like, for real: WTF. It’s the middle of November, is it not, and we have been at this since spring. C’mon now.

Door to door since the last time I checked the data 15 days ago, the United States of America has added another 2.2 million cases of novel coronavirus to its surging count. Understandable, quote-unquote, given that we had a far-from-chill Halloween (oh, we saw you, #SanFrancisco), and Election Day 2020 in the meantime – yet completely unacceptable. Closer to home, yesterday Mayor London Breed warned us again about congregating out and especially about traveling, what with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

What…is going on.

I know there are still folks going out there with masks poorly fitted on their faces, if at all (’cause as little as possible…), and plenty more for whom a mask is still (!) a wrong-kind-of-selfish no-go. What the fuck is wrong with our culture that we cannot – will not – make smarter choices and overcome this situation?

I get it: We want to get on with it and live our lives, but this was never a sprint, people, and, yeah, I don’t really give a, if some of you are feelin’ “fatigued”. Buck up! Y’all will and do for most everything else. I mean, if ya can go out to protest the results of a fair and done election that Donald “the Impeached” Trump, loser that he is, will not accept and insists on contesting whilst not collaborating on a healthy transition with the incoming administration (because he’s a wannabe dictator and completely in it for his own gain), or to eat and drink outside of your homes, then ya def can do your part. And you should. Our brothers and sisters are dying deaths that we have the power to prevent.

This is a marathon, and more of us will get to cross the finish line, if each of us here, there, everywhere leads with compassion, empathy, and gratitude on this and every matter on deck.

Truth: We can do this.

Dare: Race you to the bottom of these COVID peaks.

Let’s flatten this motherfuckin’ curve together for the holidays and the new year by, again, making ourselves scarce and showing the moment the respect it requires and deserves. Otherwise, what are we even doing.

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