’Cause of our world is such a shame.

Top of the weekend the scary news going into the most pandemical of Halloweens was the United States of America had reached its 9 millionth COVID-19 infection. Nine million Americans in less than nine months, reportedly on account of the asymptomatic among us. (Just wear a damn mask, if you really, actually want this situation to change.)

Check it: Today, we’re at more than 9.2 million. Close to 231,000 Americans have perished (Jesus H. Christ, Karen), in many different and unpredictably painful ways – and, oh yeah, we still don’t have a vaccine.

Now do y’all get why they called it a novel coronavirus?

I do not know what the future will bring us, but this much is true: We have got to do better. A lot of the European Union is hunkering down again, until, at least, Dec. 1. We might wanna consider taking that beat I’ve been talkin’ about and following suit, already. The more coordinated the worldwide effort, the better, no?

We can get a hold on this thing. All we need to do is get a hold of ourselves.

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