No matter what happens now, we gotta have grace.

We have to be grateful that we made it this far. That we are here. That we are healthy. That we are surrounded by beauty and good people, even (especially when it feels and seems that it’s nothing but fugly ass folk all around every day, dead-set on bringing the shit and us down. Forward is the only we can go, after all – and we still got choices and a say in the matter.

People of the world! When all o’ this COVID-19 stuff is said and done, and we finally decide to get it and keep it together (for our own selves), I say we take to the streets for a GratitudeFest of epic proportion. And America, you don’t gotta be fuckin’ around with Thanksgiving anymore. Let’s re-invent that imperialistic wheel, already.

And remember: Grab me by the pussy once, shame on you. Grab me twice…WTF, have we not been payin’ attention?

Election Day 2020 is tomorrow. Say no to unoriginal fascism and to willful, racist ignorance, and let there be Light.

Working the poll tomorrow. (Shout-out to Power the Polls.) We are the real deal. We are already involved. The rest is up to you.

GratitudeFest. Think about it. Let’s make it happen. We need a holiday. And believe it or not, everyone’s invited. The only req is an open heart.

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