Alrighty Then

Well that was empowering.

It was not my (official) duty (quite just yet), but it was my privilege: I just got back from working the poll for your ass, America.

You better didn’t fuck it up.

Alrighty then, you know what: Saging works. Setting an intention works. Calling upon patience works.

What a fun day to be a part of democracy in the United States of America. The last four years have been a shedding, and I am so proud I got to cross this finish line with y’all, speaking for myself now, healthier and stronger than ever. Beauty is where you find it, alright, and today I found it at the poll.

Grateful, too: I got to witness a brother from Guam cast his first-ever vote as an American now that he has become a resident of San Francisco. You know there were appropriately non-partisan, hella American cheers.

I told you the American Dream was alive and well.

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