C’mon Now

COVID-19 isn’t a crisis anymore. It is a failure, of our leadership and of our humanity.

There it is.

And here we are (still), looking like we didn’t know this novel coronavirus was this much of an existential threat (there is no vaccine! it spreads easy and fast! it can kill you or your loved ones swift or it can take its time ravaging the human body)…acting like it can’t get ya, pretending like this doesn’t concern ya…and behaving like lunatics because, at the end of the day, we are clueless and we are scared. We are frustrated. We are not sure we understand. So we internalize it, and since we haven’t been encouraging one another to open up and be open or feel our feelings, we make a mess of it, and then we let it rip and spill all over the place, for other people (who quietly are going through the exact same thing) to clean or make sense of it…or check us. We hurt, so we hurt others.

We are all on Earth together. By some sort of miracle, and on account of a universal balance we oh-so-basically understand but are happy to abuse until there’s nothing left, we are the life that inhabits this beautiful planet. We are its beauty. So how come, knowing all that we know as a culture of millennia-old humans, we keep being so ugly to ourselves and one another.

C’mon now. Cut the shit. Beauty’s where you find it, alright. It’s everywhere around you and always within you. So look for it today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Find it, be it, share it, spread it. And let others do the same.

Rising to the occasion shall be our greatest success as we more meaningfully move forward into our new millennium.

We can do anything. Because we are empathetic and quick studies. That’s what got us this far.

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