San Francisco 7.10.20

To echo what Zac Efron says on the Lima, Peru, ep of Down to Earth with Zac Efron, the muliti-hyphenate’s new Netflix travelogue, the Earth is burning. We know this, we’ve known this. We have seen it, felt it, smelled it. (R.I.P. Lewis).

From beneath you it devours, after all.

Previously on the pandemic, China’s DL takeover of Hong Kong was achieved only because the people of Hong Kong had to leave the streets – sigh, for serious – to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. No people, no revolution. (Wear your masks, kids; it’s the only safe, sensical way to keep on keeping on.)

This is precisely why the Nov. 3 presidential election here in the United States of America is beyond-crucial. When democracy and freedom are at stake, we are at stake. What can I tell ya, it really has turned into a vote-or-die type o’ situation. Putin recently installed himself in Russia until 2036, OK. Imagine that Sweet 16, America. I cannot bear or stand having his puppet, Donald “the Impeached” Trump (or any of his Trump’s-our-name-and-trolling’s-our game spawn, for that matter) near the White House another 20 minutes, let alone another term. Can you imagine another 20 years?

The planet is burning, and from beneath us, it wants us to devour one another. But we shan’t.

We have an opportunity in this country, at this moment, to overcome. To shed an old, outdated, uncomfortable skin, and to feel the healing powers of nature and the universe on a new day set on a new course for a new way.

This is it. Our time is right now.

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