The Time Is Right Now, #SanFrancisco

San Francisco 2049, @themartinharo/Instagram
San Francisco 2049. 11.9.18

Well aren’t I glad I didn’t spend my money on the midterms. The running idea was to support non-insane, worthy-of-continued-nurture-and-guidance candidates in Georgia, Florida, and Texas (and anywhere else such a person was running) – nothing for California because California didn’t need my jack – but, in the end, I didn’t invest in that way because I felt that getting out the vote as proudly and as much as possible was much more important. Much more personal.

Money saved, money ready to be put to good use close to home now that today, California, indeed, could use my money. What it can buy, in fact, is some relief, which – today, right now, and in the days and months to come – is actually most needed.

California has had a rough, fiery year. Our neighbors in and around wine country felt the heat not too long ago. Wildfires have been raging south of the Bay Area for days; the Camp Fire decimating a town named Paradise near Chico, and the Woolsey Fire encroaching on Malibu-dwelling celebrities and Angelenos alike, without prejudice.

It is a catastrophe, but out the darkness some Light has begun to emerge.

The oft-at-ideological-odds actors James Woods and Alyssa Milano found a common ground in their efforts to help their communities and each other. The Kardashians – themselves affected by the fires (they rep Calabasas) – were at the People’s Choice Awards last night, where they utilized their considerable platform to praise our amazingly brave firefighters, ask us to come together to help, and keep this deadly and unprecedented disaster front and center in the face of high-level indifference (youknowwhoIamtalkingabout – does not matter this happened while I was working on this because this other whole thing already had happened).

But I digress.

Now. You don’t have to be a star to shine for others. If you want to do something, #SanFrancisco, and rep for the City of St. Francis, you absolutely can. It’s so easy. Figure out what might be needed, buy it, and take it to your local fire station.

Show up for your brothers and sisters like you’d like them to show up for you.

Kris Jenner – I know: Enough with the Kardashians! (They’re doing their part, though.) – shared a list of items needed at the frontlines, which included water, natch, Ziploc bags, lip stuff (balm, not gloss), and more. I picked up some of these today, plus tampons for the ladies, and dropped them off at the firehouse on Post off Polk.

No skin off my back at all, and if your cynic bone is flaring with questions of whether the items will get to where they need to get, well…who can you trust, if not a firefighter?

Look, this was, hands down, the best money I’ll spend all week. And I can #DoMore.

Now get. Go figure out how you can be of service. It’s fun.

Christmas is coming. If any of you wants to help me raise Paradise again, I am happy to have a conversation. The time to be there for one another is right now.

Let all the poison arrows fly. Together we stand.

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