Well That Was Hot

San Francisco 2049 Part II. 9.8.20

For the record: It was a hot Labor Day weekend this 2020. One for the books.

A friend who lives in L.A. was out and about on Saturday, and some time during the afternoon, she shared a temp pic (you know what that means…) showing it was 119 degrees out where she was down there. (Don’t worry: By the time she got home, the temperature had gone down to a considerably much cooler 118 degrees.) Btw, that is only a few degrees cooler than the highest high of 121 degrees reportedly recorded in and around Los Angeles this past weekend, and only 9 degrees cooler than the unfathomable 130 degrees recorded at Death Valley National Park on Aug. 16.

It was so hot overnight Saturday-Sunday here in San Francisco (how hot was it!). Like, it did not cool down after the sun set. At all. It was stifling; I don’t recall ever having to rotate my pillow three ways ’round the clock ’cause my head had sweated that damn much. It felt like a fever. Earth set even more new records by pushing the mercury past 100 degrees in some parts of the City by the Bay by noon on Sunday.

Two heat waves in one month. That was new.

Today, except for the return of the 2049-ish light, back to whatever normal is anymore.

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