‘Girl with Pink Hat’ (1973) by Wayne Thiebaud (1920). SFMOMA, 1.18.19

Bay Area! This Labor Day weekend, don’t go all tits out, OK. Chill.

Let Wayne Thiebaud’s “Girl with Pink Hat” have all the end-of-summer fun, so that you – so that we all – may be able to visit with her at the SFMOMA, when the museum is finally allowed to reopen.

COVID-19’s still very much an active threat to humanity. Do not go hog wild like you did on Memorial Day weekend, OK, America. Lately, sometimes, I feel like as little as possible is like, your mantra. Get a better one, but, for now, go ahead and lean into that vibe this weekend, and do as little as possible – like, don’t pile onto the situation, youknowwhatImean. Take care of yourself and your community. Like, be the vaccine.

I dunno…let art take you for a ride, for a change. The world will still be spinning, when this pandemic is over. Question is: Will you still be on it? Will your loved ones…your neighbors.

Keep your wits about ya and we’ll all have a holiday when this crisis is over. You’ll see.

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