My Two Green Cents

The next election ought to be debated and decided on the environment alone.

If it were up to Donald “the Impeached” Trump and his regime (and, fuck, it kinda is…for the moment, anyway – vote), California and the rest of the West Coast might as well burn. Better that way, to repave Paradise and put up a parking lot on it.

If it were up to them the next four minutes, never mind the next four years, I and the other estimated 47.8 million Americans living in the West Coast of the United States of America, per the 2010 U.S. Census, can die breathing this smoke having lost everything in the wildfire, all because we didn’t rake the forest or some shit.

Look, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will be able to prevent the onslaught of natural disasters headed the way of humanity. But we need leaders, competent folk, who know what they know and who ask questions, when they don’t know something. We need to prepare, now, and prevent as much as possible. (Turning to – at last! – Native Tribes, you know…the people that were here…to see whether they have any words of wisdom, is a fine start.) The thing is I don’t trust Trump to tell me the time.

I don’t want to breathe bad air. I could not make it more personal. If you know me, if you’ve been readin’, vote Biden-Harris, and vote in the best interest of your communities. Vote for science.

We seriously cannot afford to get bogged down on how awful Trump was at the debate the other night – that man has shown us and the entire world exactly who he is and what he and his are all about one heckuva lot. We see him, and now we’re just gonna have to love to see them and him go, literally for the sake of the planet and our place on it.

Btw and FYI, the new deadline to respond to the 2020 U.S. Census is Oct. 5. Som’in’ real fishy’s going on there, I’m telling ya. Look it up.

Wait. Register to vote, then look it up (wait, they keep moving the date – now you know). Also, remember to go high. Rise above it all. Get gooder with yourself, and get ready. We can’t carry these sins on our back without our Earth, now, can we. And we can’t pretend global warming and climate change aren’t a thing anymore. You can’t simply throw paper towels at the matter; ya really gotta step it up and show it some respect.


One 🌎, one ❤️.

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