Postcard from Huntington Park

‘Vote for Science, Rise Up for Ruth’ (2020) x Unknown. Huntington Park, San Francisco, 9.21.20

What a lovely tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg I saw earlier this week at Huntington Park here in San Francisco.

If the deplorable, petty men in “power” refuse to do the right thing and honor the late U.S. Supreme Court justice’s, “most fervent wish…that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” well…that kinda sorta says everything there is to say and more about them, no? I mean, where have all the cowboys gone.


No matter what they say, that was and is RBG‘s truth. And guess what, America, you can honor it by becoming her legacy and voting out Donald “the Impeached” Trump on Nov. 3. Out and away with him and his, all of ‘em. Simply the worst.

Time to rise up. Everybody rise up.

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