Dammit, Texas

Men of Texas…American men in “power” (and on the streets, where true American power lives): Quit going after and/or letting other men mess with my sisters’ and nieces’ hard-earned rights. The American female community is not to be raped and pillaged. Grab something else.

Y eso va para los compañeros también: Dejen de abusar a las mujeres. Dejen de abusar.

Guys, the new beyond-restrictive (and chilling) abortion ban delivered out of Texas yesterday is an aberration. I mean, I don’t understand: Is Sharia Law, Texas-style, OK?

Texas: Not just where they golf, but where the Gileads are IRL.

Guys, it is absurd to A) Be this ballsy about a craven need/want to control women in this manner. B) Ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, for it is a gross overreach; that’s barely one missed menstrual cycle…and women’s bodies are completely none of our business, plus the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case already had settled the legality of a woman’s right to choose. C) Promote secrecy, shame, and discord among Texan families by making it fair game for private (conservative, cucufates, hipócrites) citizens to sue anyone who assists or supports a patient seeking an abortion.

An overreach and an aberration this thing, I tell ya. (I can so see a through line between the passing of San Francisco’s CAREN Act last fall and this moment, too. This shit stinks of classist Karens.)

As expected, later in the day the Supreme Court of the United States did what it would, what with that robed, yet hella manly majority, which now features America’s favoritest frat bro, Brett Kavanaugh, and that Aunt, I mean…that lady the orange hemorrhoid and Mitch McConnell tapped to replace the dearly departed RBG in hurried, super-spreadin’ fashion. Indeed, it did, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was part of the 5-4 majority decision to dip out the conversation at this time. This proceeding reportedly was a “shadow docket,” and the majority didn’t even sign what they wrote, because this is nothing more than another chickenshit attack on women, on democracy, and on the underprivileged and the underserved.

Guys…👏🏽not👏🏽a👏🏽good look.

Men around the world have got to stop raping and pillaging, and we have to mare sure of it.

This cannot be a Texas today, America tomorrow type o’ deal.

Earth is burning, flooding, and putting all of us back in our places. Best we stop trying to conquer womanhood and get on the same level so we can survive as free and fulfilled humans on this planet. We could do worse than a matriarchy, and we have.

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