San Francisco Civic Center 10.4.18

Stop Kavanaugh, Martin Haro

Oh the things you see when you go out to walk your dog….

The happy things you see when you’re out with your dog.

This is the San Francisco I like. The one I loved seeing yesterday, on the fifth Oct. 4 I’ve spent in the City by the Bay. The one that shows up (although not in SantaCon numbers, tsk, tsk).

I call out shit around my neighborhood non-stop, because we should be doing better by everyone who lives here, inside and especially outside. And because it doesn’t always feels safe out there near, in, and around the Tenderloin. The T’s situation is an open secret, and it’s not getting any better in any hurry. So to see and join a small, yet powerful gathering of San Franciscans yesterday, and protest the (stolen, ill-deserved, sham-ful) nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States – after having spent the last three years advocating (in anguish) for my neighborhood – and exercise our (Fall Book Club Pick Alert!) peaceable right to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of a(n egregious) grievance on behalf of American women and women everywhere, well…what a touch, people. I appreciate it.

I respect it. An impromptu (for me) protest is always good for the soul. And our American soul has been through it the last couple of years.

Trump/Kavanaugh for Shame, @themartinharo/Instagram

Change can happen Reason will prevail, if we get involved.

We the People Vote, @themartinharo/Instagram

If we engage. If we care.

Believe Women, @themartinharo/Instagram

If we protest, like the hotel workers, who also took to the streets yesterday to demand better wages and condemn harassment in the work place, or the McDonald’s employees, who similarly have risen to stand up for themselves and their needs, or like I know we San Franciscos can.

We shall overcome, if we vote.

So vote.

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