A(nother) Comment Re: Donald Trump

Just because a thief wasn’t caught that doesn’t mean they never stole.

Just because a traitor says he isn’t one that doesn’t mean he didn’t sell out his country.

Wake up, people. Donald Trump dodged the draft back in his day and today, he and his lawyers believe he can get away with murder. He pals around with dictators, and his regime thrusts us closer to conflict and into insurmountable debt on the daily. Speaking of dictators, he wants to be one, and that’s why he’s deep up Vladimir Putin’s Russian ass. He’s a known con and, together with his sons and main daughter, a settled-out-of-court charity fraud. He and that ridikolous wife of his came out swinging when he first announced his candidacy for POTUS, which had been written on the proverbial (and wannabe) wall for years (we saw it coming), insulting Mexicans (his oh-so-clever catch-all for all brown-skinned Hispanics currently in the United States of America) and basically deeming all of us criminals (takes one to know one?) and rapists and bad hombres. He thinks that white nationalists are good people worthy of the benefit of the doubt – #NeverForgetHeatherHeyer – and that all Muslims ought to be banned from coming here. He’s no friend of the free press. He nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, for cryin’ out loud, doing – what else – the bidding of the fascist theocratic Mike Pence-led mini-state operating in his background and, trust, he’s been nothing but a lying hypocrite where compassionate, smart policies and equality are concerned.

I could go on.

Just because that asshole says he’s clean that doesn’t mean he’s not full of shit, OK.

He already grabbed ya by the pussy once, America. Do not let it happen again. You’ll have only yourself to blame.

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