Where the Heart Is

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments on the Barack Obama-era DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) American immigration policy, which has provided close to 700,000 (known) young DREAMers respite from deportation and, y’ know, a moment in the sun, since the policy was instituted in the summer of 2012.

Quelle surprise, the capricious, racist regime of one Donald Trump opposes DACA and has worked to keep the program from expanding and on phase-out mode since 2017. Bringing people out of the shadows? Apparently not part of the agenda.

A ruling on DACA is not due until next spring.

I trust the court will do the right thing. Most of these DREAMers didn’t even know they were DREAMers until they did. They grew up here. They live and love here. They are this country. If home is where the heart is, as Americans like to sing, then justice will prevail, and DREAMers will get to stay here.

I know. But a boy can dream. And he will have to. A lot.

Don’t think I’m not aware some people in America, in 2019, still want to argue whether they can discriminate against the LGBT community in the workplace, again…in America, in 2019, because why? Because of their religious beliefs?

Nuts, rights?

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