Off Course

Armageddon x Melancholia much?

Well, whaddya know, disaster-movie director Roland (The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) Emmerich is at it again – coming up with “fun,” new ways to destroy our planet up on that big silver screen, that is – with his upcoming latest, Moonfall, starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry.

Set at this oh-so-most-pandemical time for a Feb. 4, 2022, debut, Moonfall will center on Berry’s Jo Fowler, a NASA executive and former astronaut, who turns to Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), a peer from her past, and a conspiracy theorist played by John Bradley (HBO’s Game of Thrones), to save humanity from an imminent Moon-to-Earth collision caused by a mysterious force that’s knocked our only natural satellite from its orbit. The trio will embark on a Hail Mary mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love, and only to find out that our Moon is definitely not made of cheese at all.

Talk about one giant threat to mankind…these so-called Roaring 2020s, huh. There will be no letting up.

At least, we’ll always have the movies.

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