The Thing About ‘The Happening’

The thing about the happening, meaning COVID-19, our very own IRL happening, is it happened (it’s been happening). And shortly thereafter, America pulled out of Afghanistan.

Good thing, for now we can call upon and welcome our military home, and task them with helping us to strengthen our communities rather than fortifying our fronteras. Up and down and all around, we have to become one America, as a nation and continentally speaking. Happenings happen. It is what it is (and don’t you forget it).

Time to get ready.

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening also happened. And clunky as though it may have been, and it was, it also was kind of sorta right on the money, as far as the tricky ways in which Mother Nature could come to bite us back in the ass.

Artists are here to disturb the peace, to hold up a mirror to humanity.

Eh, sometimes you get The Day After Tomorrow, sometimes you get The Happening. And every hundred years or so, so it seems, the planet serves us up, honey, and we get a reality check.

Happenings happen. Best we pay attention to all the signs now.

This said, I do not know what to make of Shyamalan’s Old. Not yet, anyway.

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