We with It

I have been saying – and writing…for the record – that the shit’s like The Day After Tomorrow for a minute now. In print, at least three years, since I became King. Of Cups.

Now that we are paying attention, know that the media are gonna go beyond with the coverage, making it seem like it’s gonna be Dante’s Peak and Greenland, too, every other day. And it’s not. (So extra.)

Earth isn’t suddenly ending. It’s been dying. For a good long while. It is dying right now, precisely like you and I are dying right now. That is what we do. We are born. We survive. We live. We die. From flesh and bone by some intergalactic kismet to dirt and ash.

Our hubris has been our damage and will be our downfall. The idea now is simply to make it, this our human experience and that of our neighbors, better. So since the media (what with global warming and climate change finally in season, weather is the new Trump show) and the Google geniuses of the planet will do as they will do, know and understand this isn’t the end of the world, either. But the world is changing, and we with it.

Hold tight, yo. And do right.

And do not misconstrue this as a knock on the news. Legitimate, professional journalists and entertainers have been reporting and warning us about the risks and consequences of man-exacerbated global warming and climate change for decades, OK.

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