Postcard from Live Earth

Live Earth x Movie Martin
It was live from London. Did you watch? 7.7.07

I’m so not sorry, but some of us have been jumping at the bit to honor this planet for a while now, OK. One way or another, in our own ways, we learned something, we paid attention to the people who were doing something – speaking up – about it, and we took stock.

We who have lived in different places and who have seen things. We know different realities. We know a little bit about the nuance of things, and how things are relative to where you are. And how there is no perfect way.

For the most part, from what I have observed during my time on this Earth, there is so much kindness out there. There is warmth. And I think we’re showing one another right now, that there can be unity.

If we care about the planet, if we really care about one another, and each other, and ourselves, then, we are so gonna reboot and like, consciously reconnect with ourselves and with our environment when this is done. We’re gonna make this world and this system work for us moving forward.

Right? Otherwise, what is the point. We can’t be still hesitating, can we. We have to find a new way to make this work and for more of us, too. Especially for more of us.

Are you awake yet?

I don’t know what to tell you. We do our part. I see people do their part. Especially in this pandemic moment. I hear the sirens. The lights are on. We are coming together in what feels like a peace. I’ve seen my friends shine at the store. I know my family and friends are doing their part and spreading good vibes.

Who are we still waiting on? This novel coronavirus is here for all of us, and no one’s coming to save us (certainly not the orange hemorrhoid in the White House), but we can metaphorically, metaphysically hold on to each other and do our part, live our lives and let what doesn’t nourish us fall by the wayside, and keep👏🏽our👏🏽receipts so that when things calm down, we know what needs to improve and where to start.

This pandemic is the toll to the future. The more we come together, the better.

We need to calm down. We do that, we keep it together.

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