Choosing to Carry On

Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Focus Features
The modern cinematic neorealism will be televised

Meanwhile, in the world, all of our lives have changed. Including Eliza Hittman’s.

The writer-director of Beach Rats was coming into spring H-O-T-hot with Never Rarely Sometimes Always, an eagerly anticipated eye-opener of a film that was celebrated with a Dramatic Special Jury Prize at January’s Sundance Film Festival – on account of its cinematic neorealism and deftly handled subject matter (a young woman’s right to choose vis-à-vis limited reproductive care options and the stigma and debate around it all) – and fêted at February’s Berlin International Film Festival with a Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize. The drama was supposed to open theatrically on March 13, but, you know: COVID-19.

Now, the film will become available for home premiere on April 3. The $19.99 rental will be available for a 48-hour viewing period.

Written and directed by Hittman, the film is an intimate portrayal of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania. Faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support, 17-year-old Autumn (Sidney Flanigan) and her cousin Skylar (Talia Ryder) embark across state lines to New York City on a fraught journey of friendship, bravery, and compassion.

If you support the girls, if you want to support the girls always, then this one is for you.


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