Who Doesn’t Want to Be a

Going big screen in the fall (or…nah…🤞🏽)


That’s the title of the new Miranda July film that, like so others, was coming into 2020 hot from last January’s Sundance Film Festival.

Things have changed. My, how have they.

Anyway. The film, which was much-sought-after and boasts Oscar-winning producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner (12 Years a Slave, Moonlight) among its champions, is gonna make a go of it with a theatrical release, on Sept. 18 or, more likely, when the safest opportunity allows the type of gathering befitting the occasion. It features Academy Award nominees Debra Winger and Robert Richard Jenkins as couple of con artists, and Emmy nominee Evan Rachel Wood daughter slash protégé, a 26-year-old named Old Dolio brought up to swindle, scam, and steal at every opportunity.

During a desperate, hastily conceived heist (Old Dolio…for real?), the family charms a stranger (Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez) into joining the next scam, only to have their entire world – and Old Dolio’s entire warped sense of reality and of the world – turned upside down.

Rich is the young woman who finds a little bit of something else in someone else’s heart. There is truth to be found there.

Cheers to the movie-theater-going experience, and to patience. And until this one can be seen up on the silver screen, catch up with July on The Criterion Channel. I know we are.

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