Keep Yo’ Germs to Yourself!

Ungallant Glove, Martin Haro
Really, #SanFrancisco? But I mean, we did have to get used to the needles…

Pandemic or no pandemic, the culture’s gonna do what the culture’s gonna do – good, bad, and fugly. That much is true.

But where is the cultural responsibility in America in 2020? Where is the collective that is humanity on Earth at this point in time? Winter was, spring is barely gonna be.

Urgh, and, some people, well…they still got to wake up.

We can’t be leaving our trash behind for other people to see, sidestep, or clean. And I do mean this in general and on the daily, but especially now. Why would anyone toss their germ-y gloves out on the street right now, of all the bad times to do such a yucky thing. It’s like, some of us reallyactuallysimply get up and go into the world set on giving and doing and thinking as little as possible.

We are so our worst enemies, and our most challenging problem. Can’t we all, pretty please, for fucking fuck fuckity fuck fucking fuck’s sake try and be part of the solution, and be the change. That means breaking up with plastics that create more problems than they solve, minding your nasty butts, and doing the right thing out on the road, even when ya might think no one sees you or cares (we do, and you should, too).

We have an opportunity here to revolutionize how we are on Earth moving forward, and how we are with, for, and toward one another. Cause and effect, we all are both.

Things are changing, and our lifestyles already are different and still might have to adapt more. So let’s not dump on Mother Nature anymore than we already have, OK. She is not happy. (And what was our pre-COVID-19 excuse to mistreat her and our neighbors, anyway?)

Hey, did you know that you can #DoMore simply by remembering the Golden Rule? (You always could.)

Go ahead. Knock yourself out, and keep it clean. It isn’t hard to do.

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