Thinking Caps On!

Fackin' Plastic, Martin Haro
Oy with the plastics already

This is a cap.

A blue cap from a plastic bottle of water.

A cap carelessly – no second thought (heck, I bet not a thought, indeed) – discarded on Van Ness Avenue last night for…the world to handle. For someone else to sweep off the street. Or pick up. Who knows.

Point is, people, this cannot happen anymore. This cap would have ended up down the hill, unnecessarily stuck around a drain among all the trash that is ceaselessly dumped on the streets of San Francisco by the people of San Francisco (I know!) or, even worse, down one of our sewers with a one-way ticket toward the San Francisco Bay. Our bay. The only one we got.

This is crap. Crap living. And it’s gotta stop.

We can have clean streets, if we really want to.

Charity begins at home, after all, and the streets, well…they belong to all of us. They are our shared privilege and responsibility. So quit treating ’em like they’re your own personal playground. ’Cause they’re not. And neither is this planet we are lucky to be borrowing for a bit.

#DoMore for others – remember the Golden Rule – and Earth. The time is right now.

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